Summer has come

So maybe, things will be ok. Maybe I am not sentenced to a drifting life. The heavens are opening up and glorious sunlight washes over me. Perhaps winter really is over. I could live. I can live.  Summer has come.   Advertisements

Day by Day

  I pulled myself off the bed and dragged myself onto my carpet. I lay face down convulsing against the pain in my heart. God told me to look up. So I rolled over and stretched my head back, straining to see the glow of the moon shining through the night sky into my window. … More Day by Day

stripped down

In this past season, God has stripped me down. He is taking layer after layer off me. He is washing off all the sludge that has lathered itself on my skin. He is pulling out stitches and fully cleaning wounds. He is revealing the core of me. I am being broken down to be built … More stripped down