Dear Child,

  I sit and ponder on your birth. I imagine that you could already be out there. I look into the sky and hear the first cry of your voice piercing the air. I long see your little fingers first twirl above you and your eyes open for the first time, though I know I … More Dear Child,

stripped down

In this past season, God has stripped me down. He is taking layer after layer off me. He is washing off all the sludge that has lathered itself on my skin. He is pulling out stitches and fully cleaning wounds. He is revealing the core of me. I am being broken down to be built … More stripped down

where do I TURN?

The waters of life are pulling me apart. They spin me round and round, sucking me deeper. Their icy cold grip sends shivers through my heart. My body is struggling to swim. The water is getting too deep. My heart has sunken to the ocean floor. This sea of suffering, of hopelessness and fatigue, has … More where do I TURN?