I could lie on the ground and weep for eternity, overwhelmed by your love. A love that stretches across time. A love that pierces through suffering. A love that encompasses and embraces. A love that is sweet, gentle, good, great. A love, unconditional. My Abba Father. Advertisements


Shhh. Shhh. Hey, hey, listen to my voice. You can hear it. Try and focus on it. I am here.  I am holding you. You will be ok. You are safe. Hey, hey, hold my hand. Look at me. Look at me, sweetheart. There is nothing there. It’s just us. God is here. He has … More comforting 

i write

  This blog is important to me. It might just seem to be just a website where I put things I write. But writing on this blog is the first thing I have managed to do consistently since I started struggling. I couldn’t and can’t even keep my room clean for longer than a week. … More i write

a bright morning 

It’s so strange being fine. I got used to my suffering. My struggle was what I knew each morning I woke and fell asleep. Anxiety and depression were my daily companions. But these weeks have been different. A brighter morning shines. ”…comfort is found in the familiar and now that’s all changed, in a small way we’re … More a bright morning 

surrendering more

 I had been finding ways to cope with my pain in unhealthy ways. I asked God how to let the pain go, but I didn’t wait to hear. So instead of looking to Him, I tried to hold onto thin cracking branches. I tried screaming and crying; scratching and distracting. I tried writing and fighting; … More surrendering more