Day by Day

  I pulled myself off the bed and dragged myself onto my carpet. I lay face down convulsing against the pain in my heart. God told me to look up. So I rolled over and stretched my head back, straining to see the glow of the moon shining through the night sky into my window. … More Day by Day

surrendering more

 I had been finding ways to cope with my pain in unhealthy ways. I asked God how to let the pain go, but I didn’t wait to hear. So instead of looking to Him, I tried to hold onto thin cracking branches. I tried screaming and crying; scratching and distracting. I tried writing and fighting; … More surrendering more


  If you asked me about the year I was thirteen, I’d tell you it was a year I despise. Thirteen was the age I became a teenager and was supposed to begin learning who I was. The age when I was supposed to start growing up. At least, that is what I thought. I … More Thirteen.