I want Christ. Living my own way is not enough. I want to be face down, drowning in God. I don’t want control. I am serious. I have had enough of fear. I have had enough of darkness. I want to be wrecked by the love of God every day. I want the secret place … More ENOUGH

Look. There.

Look, See the moon there? Isn’t it beautiful? See the clouds wash over its glow? Is it not dazzling even when draped with clouds? Ah, it cannot be seen anymore. Do you know it is still there? ‘’Yes.’’ Yes, It is still there. Look, see the silhouette trees dance to the wind? An elegant movement … More Look. There.


It shakes in my bones, It wraps around my skin, It flushes my cheeks, It raises my heartbeat, It steals my life. _______________________ Heartbeat, why do you beat so? Why are you saddened within me? Tears, will you not come to me? Why do you not relieve my soul? _______________________ Anxiety knocks on the door … More It

Writer’s Block

   To feel the urge to write but to have nothing to write about. Or, more so to not have the will to write about things one wants to write about, rather, than them not being there to write about. So, instead to relieve the incessant flow of mental diarrhoea I shall write about nothing. … More Writer’s Block

Refugee Man

Where is my home? The world tells me the places and feelings that are my home.   They tell me my home is the house in the land I grew up in and there I should stay. Do they know that house is now a pile of broken walls and shattered windows that bury my … More Refugee Man