Look. There.

Look, See the moon there? Isn’t it beautiful? See the clouds wash over its glow? Is it not dazzling even when draped with clouds? Ah, it cannot be seen anymore. Do you know it is still there? ‘’Yes.’’ Yes, It is still there. Look, see the silhouette trees dance to the wind? An elegant movement … More Look. There.


It shakes in my bones, It wraps around my skin, It flushes my cheeks, It raises my heartbeat, It steals my life. _______________________ Heartbeat, why do you beat so? Why are you saddened within me? Tears, will you not come to me? Why do you not relieve my soul? _______________________ Anxiety knocks on the door … More It

held me still

In times of suffering, I have fallen As my hands were spread out calling. You held me still. My aching heart longed for relief, As tears seemed to be mine to keep. You held me still. Feet dragged through the dying dust, Moving past the sun till dusk. You held me still. The clock wound on till it … More held me still

Wonder lust

BY Jonathan of Shades of Grey Matter I am in love with cities I have never been to And people I have never met. I want to see the world in real time. I want to connect with its people and exotic places; Smell the roses in Paris, Swim with sharks in the ocean, Party … More Wonder lust

to you WHO suffer

To you who suffer; The ones who know pain. I am sorry. I want you to be ok. I beg for you to be ok. I weep for you. My soul groans at your ache. My spirit cries for your hearts. My heart beats with yours.  

Stay, Okay. 

I do not know where I will go or how the future will unfold. This depressive blip was shorter than I thought I knew. My imaginations of the future never seen as great as God makes it. Perhaps one day I will dream, but dream big enough. The breath in my lungs was laboured in pain. … More Stay, Okay.