i see you

Hey. I see you. I see your precious beauty. But, to see you is to also see your suffering. I know you wish I did not have to always see it. I will see it. So, I will show you mine. I bare my heart so you can bare yours. I am here. I am … More i see you

Writer’s Block

   To feel the urge to write but to have nothing to write about. Or, more so to not have the will to write about things one wants to write about, rather, than them not being there to write about. So, instead to relieve the incessant flow of mental diarrhoea I shall write about nothing. … More Writer’s Block

Refugee Man

Where is my home? The world tells me the places and feelings that are my home.   They tell me my home is the house in the land I grew up in and there I should stay. Do they know that house is now a pile of broken walls and shattered windows that bury my … More Refugee Man

i write

  This blog is important to me. It might just seem to be just a website where I put things I write. But writing on this blog is the first thing I have managed to do consistently since I started struggling. I couldn’t and can’t even keep my room clean for longer than a week. … More i write

Dear Child,

  I sit and ponder on your birth. I imagine that you could already be out there. I look into the sky and hear the first cry of your voice piercing the air. I long see your little fingers first twirl above you and your eyes open for the first time, though I know I … More Dear Child,

to longboard

 I love the feeling of soaring down a hill with nothing between me and the road but an artfully crafted piece of wood. I lower myself down onto one knee and sway the board gently back and forth over the surface of smooth tar. My arms stretch out on either side of me and my … More to longboard