I suppose I have been trying to find stable ground this week. It felt like I had completely lost touch with reality and it was all my fault. I had a long couple days leading up to Sunday. I was in an advert, had first aid training, did my normal weekly things and went out … More Reality 

Pastor’s Kid?

I have been asked many times what it is like to be a ‘pastor’s kid’. I never really have a set answer. I don’t really remember any different. Before my father led South City Church my parents were still in leadership in the church we came from in South Africa. I don’t know what it is … More Pastor’s Kid?


There is this amazing hope in my heart. A hope that is Christ. A hope that spreads to all on my life. I have hope enough now to make to goals. Hope to believe they are possible through God. Thank you to all who have helped me so much in the last year and a … More GOALS


 I want Christ. Living my own way is not enough. I want to be face down, drowning in God. I don’t want control. I am serious. I have had enough of fear. I have had enough of darkness. I want to be wrecked by the love of God every day. I want the secret place … More ENOUGH


 Being sick, as I am right now, always reminds me how special it is to feel great. It makes me long for how good it feels to be fine. I don’t realise how special it is to be alright when I am alright. It’s only when things suck do I truly remember how thankful I … More sick…


Did I not see faces weeping and begging for mercy?  Did not my heart go out to souls in the dirt and suffering?   Yes, I long to be among the poor of this world and hold the suffering. However, anything I do to be a servant to these great people will not overcome a … More to LIVE