Shhh. Shhh. Hey, hey, listen to my voice. You can hear it. Try and focus on it. I am here.  I am holding you. You will be ok. You are safe. Hey, hey, hold my hand. Look at me. Look at me, sweetheart. There is nothing there. It’s just us. God is here. He has … More comforting 

I hear your CRY

 It’s been weeks of bliss. Anxiety, depression and fear have stayed distant from me. However, I am terrified. I don’t want to fall again, but I can feel it.  Yesterday I lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling. Strange sensation slowly washed over me. My body felt distant and unaware of my existence. … More I hear your CRY

Day by Day

  I pulled myself off the bed and dragged myself onto my carpet. I lay face down convulsing against the pain in my heart. God told me to look up. So I rolled over and stretched my head back, straining to see the glow of the moon shining through the night sky into my window. … More Day by Day


  The anxiety seeping into my heart is like a cloud of gas. Its mist crawls under the door and begins to lap at my lungs. Slowly its nauseating stench reaches my head. Then its claustrophobic touch clouds my eyes. My chest is stretched by the reach of its fumes. One moment, one flicker of light … More Gassed