This Year

I moved to South Africa, Wellington at the beginning of the year. It has been the most amazing year.

I have made deep friendship and found incredible unity in team. I have learnt so much about relationship with God, experienced safety in sturdy leadership and grown amazed at biblical truths and beauties.

I left Lusaka, Zambia where my parents moved from South Africa to start a local church a month before my ninth birthday.
Zambia became my home. It became my country. It became my way of life. I knew God. I had an amazing relationship with him, but none like I have found now.

When I first obeyed God’s call and moved to South Africa, the new culture was for awhile unsettling. However, I chose to live this new place. I soon did fall in love with the town of Wellington.

I moved here to attend TMT, an incredible one year discipleship course that I have grown exceptionally in. I am still learning… but have such a deeper knowledge of the power of Jesus, the importance of church life and a life solely lived in servitude to God.

I have applied and have been accepted for a second year. The fourth term has just started and we’ll see what comes.


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