This beautiful mind

Have I been given a defective mind?

Or have I simply not had enough faith?

I wait for my mind to fail me.

I imagine that it will again.

Lord, what plans can you have for a mind like mine?

Alright, Lord, I gave you my heart.

I gave you all of me.

That includes my mind.

So however it is, it is yours.

So I don’t have to worry about how it functions.

You do.

So here I am.

Defective as I feel that I am.

Insufficient against my own ruler.

Uneducated as I may be.

Here I am.

Because, I guess, you fill in the rest.

 For you shaped my mind on beauty and love. You gave the wonderful world that is its imagination. You gave me such deep thought. You have blessed me. Forgive me when I lack to see it. You have given me this beautiful mind of mine.


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