life. night. after.

What is life?

An existence of earth?

It snaps in the collide of fates.

One man’s sin is another man’s death.

The earth’s two bright lights,

Then one above or not.


I am sorry for your loss.

What if chosen?

One moment and a destiny is halted.

A warp of the mind.

An expanse of suffering.

Are you going to leave me?

Hold on.

Please, hold on.

I did.

A disease strikes.

Chests are ripped apart.

Love is crucified on an IV pole.

The line spikes, sways and then sleeps.

Time left a heart.

I’m sorry.

How much time?

The hourglass sits on the shelf.

It is shattered on the floor.

It is turned upside down.

It is blocked.

It is melted.

It runs out.

What do you live for?

I live for Christ – my hope.

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