Look. There.


See the moon there?

Isn’t it beautiful?

See the clouds wash over its glow?

Is it not dazzling even when draped with clouds?

Ah, it cannot be seen anymore.

Do you know it is still there?



It is still there.

Look, see the silhouette trees dance to the wind?

An elegant movement through the night air.

Are they afraid of the night air?



They are not.

They know day will come.


Feel the wind lift up.

Can you feel it soar past your cheeks?

Can you feel the cool night floating upon it?

It prepares a new day.

Is it not wonderful?

‘’It is.’’


It is.

There, one more.

Can you feel that?

The light sprinkle of water on your skin?

Is it not so very light?

What does it whisper there is more of?




Lot’s of water.

Rain to wash the sand away.


Go inside.

A doorway is holding the warmth of your home.

Step into it.
I love you…

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