It shakes in my bones,

It wraps around my skin,

It flushes my cheeks,

It raises my heartbeat,

It steals my life.


Heartbeat, why do you beat so?

Why are you saddened within me?

Tears, will you not come to me?

Why do you not relieve my soul?


Anxiety knocks on the door of my chest

Breathe in, breathe out.  

Do tears wait near?

So many people everywhere, everywhere – and they can see me.

Hold, hold, I want to be alone.

Faint is my head.

I feel weak.

What is wrong? Why is this happening?

Will they die? Will that be better?

Bottle it in my chest, suck it in.

Tie it in knots and hold it tight.

I can’t breathe, I need to breathe.



You’ll be fine.

You’re just tired. Just tired. So tired.


Lord, still live.

It’s still better than last year.

None of this is debilitating.

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