Flying Flightless Boys

19 Jul 2016

  “One, two, three, go!” I scream and run through the hall. I leap out of the building, ungracefully flying over three steps and thump onto the ground with a shout of joy. I spin around and roar at my two younger comrades lined up inside, “Go, go, go!”  A young boy begins running with a goofy smile plastered across his cheeks. As he reaches the steps he leaps into the air and catapults into my arms and is swung round, then ungracefully deposited.

  I face the door once more as another boy looks up at me beneath mischievous brows and whoops. He flies down the tiled runway between the chairs. He bounces off the edge and soars into my arms superman style. 

 The flight of the two occurs twice more till I call off the stampede and flightless flying boys. The air filled with my oh-so-feminine roars and hysterical cackles.

  This is my life. I am not ashamed to be young and wild. I am enjoying my youth. I celebrate life with a full hold on the joy and love God has given me.  


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