held me still

In times of suffering, I have fallen

As my hands were spread out calling.

You held me still.

My aching heart longed for relief,

As tears seemed to be mine to keep.

You held me still.

Feet dragged through the dying dust,

Moving past the sun till dusk.

You held me still.

The clock wound on till it stopped as it may,

As time said to wait another day.

You held me still.

A wish for a frozen moment to wait;

As I was tortured, hooked on insanity’s bait.

You held me still.

Cries of agony echoed inside cold walls,

As I continued to only see survival laws.

You held me still.

When you held my hands and held my face,

I was completely overwhelmed by your grace.

You held me still.

Now I am fine and my mind is well,

All is different and it’s not hell.

And now…

You hold me still.


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