nearly 2am

It is 1:33 am. I emerged from the stuffy, suffocating, sweltering chamber that is our backpackers’ room half an hour ago. The night air is cool and flows into my lungs soothing their hunger for sweeter air. Each breath out is a relief and a release, deepened by the thoughts in my mind.

I ponder this moment in time. This is a moment. I look back at the last years and see myself now. I see all that the Lord has done and sing Hallelujah.

I look forward and see an individual, unattached to anything that could pull her from the Lord. Her everything the Lord’s and where He lights a path she goes.

I long for these words; for them to be a prophecy come true. I wait on the Lord like an impatient child longing for what has been promised.

I wish to serve the Lord with my all. I do not know what job. I do not know what country. I do not know when. I do not know how. But I wait steady in the knowledge that my heavenly father knows the desires He has placed in me. I wait. I trust. I pray. I worship.


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