i write

  This blog is important to me. It might just seem to be just a website where I put things I write. But writing on this blog is the first thing I have managed to do consistently since I started struggling. I couldn’t and can’t even keep my room clean for longer than a week. For most of my teenagehood, I have not been able to start something and stick with it; especially when emotions came around. Somehow I still write despite them and am fuelled by them.

 I write to process. I write to express what is inside me. I write for many reasons. However, I am not really as sure why I put what I write online. I question why I do this every week. My heart is laid bare in black text upon white. For what purpose, I am not sure. That is not true. It has impacted people and I am confidently open. God has used this and will use this. I am just not always sure why or how or who.

  All I see are a few visits a day and two comments in total. I can’t post based on stats but rather on an intuition that I should. It’s a strange assurance in God that I should continue. So I do.

I have not shared my blog on social media myself. My heart is naked here and my Facebook isn’t really where I want to expose that yet. However, maybe sometime soon I will or someone else will share it. I am happy for others to share a post without tagging me. Just, for now, I wait.

This blog and being able to write has been a precious gift from God. I… I truly treasure it.


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