young people with me

Perhaps I will have the honour of seeing the lives of the young people who walk alongside me, blossom. So many of their hearts, like mine, are broken. May their eyes be captivated by the Father and be known.

Sweetest girl, I know that you are desperately alone. I see your longing to be known. You love tentatively, afraid to be hurt as you have before. Not many, perhaps only one knows your pain. However, your eyes are open to wonder and hope. The Lord has caught your heart and you long for Him.

Dear friend, I feel the pain that aches in your soul. A shadow seeks after you without relent. You feel as though one slip means doom. If only you knew to the depths of your soul the love of the Lord. Could only a hug convey His sweet mercy and forgiveness to you.

Young man, I see the emptiness in your open eyes. You look for a place to belong and a stance to hold. You drift in and out of lands, silent and withdrawn. We love you, we do. However, not as much as the Lord. Although, your fulfilment can only come from Him and not a girl.

I feel such love for you all. A love that breaks the capacity of my human love. It is a love from the Father sown deep in me. So, when I look at you I can all but scream in pleasure. The Father’s heart cries out in mine and when I hug you I can feel his eyes on us. Please allow me to tell you of His love, or perhaps show you.


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