just a Praise

Clouds sit on the horizon draped in dusk’ violet. A deep rich orange emerges in soft rays contrasting violet above the cloud mountain.

The night breeze is lightly flavoured with daylights dust and dry grass. However nights moist, cool touch is riding the breeze in stronger waves. All the air needs is the touch of distance charcoal fires.

I gaze out the window of a car and watch the trees turn into silhouette figures dancing to nature’s songs. My body yearns to dance with them in praise of the Lord.

Just the trees, a human and the moon.

Into the night shall we dance for you.

Light steps tip gently over the night land.

Arms and branches stretch out harmoniously grand.

She soaks in peace under the skies heavenly glow.

All words off her lips to Him go.

Into the night I dance for you on Lord.


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