a bright morning 

It’s so strange being fine. I got used to my suffering. My struggle was what I knew each morning I woke and fell asleep. Anxiety and depression were my daily companions. But these weeks have been different. A brighter morning shines.

”…comfort is found in the familiar and now that’s all changed, in a small way we’re redefining our places in the world.” – Amy Gaze.

Now my world looks different. I am different. I have been changed by God in these last months. God is leading me into a new place.

The goodness of God has overwhelmed me! These have been the hardest, most painful months I’ve endured but the greatest. For in the pain God showed me the greatest joy.

Now I smile when I walk outside each day, knowing the grace of the Lord in the times I didn’t step outside for days. Or the days I spent barely stepping out my room. To imagine that when I fell off the edge of a cliff He put a community, a family there to catch me and make me theirs.

Oh, how I rejoice for this year, for I have seen God’s glory. Though I have fallen deeper and experienced pain sharper I still declare the glory of my Lord. I wonder at the strength He held me in when my heart was tired. I am broken and so weak yet He still shone His glory in my life. He is the God of Abraham and God of the Israelites. He is the great I am.


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