Dear Child,

  I sit and ponder on your birth. I imagine that you could already be out there. I look into the sky and hear the first cry of your voice piercing the air. I long see your little fingers first twirl above you and your eyes open for the first time, though I know I never will.

 I have not met you, but I love you already. One day I will meet you. One day I will know you are mine. One day I will pull you onto my lap and hear you call me mommy. I will feel your soft hands pull my face near and feel your tender lips on my cheek. I will hold your hand in mine and watch you skip beside me. I will show you how to dance carefree and how to sing as loud as you can.

 For now, though I plead that God will keep you safe. I beg that your sweet heart will not see too much hurt. I long to know that your heart is my father’s. I long to see you worshiping God and basking in His presence. I pray that someday you will be His.

 Dear child, there is so much in this world. There is evil and pain, but child, there is joy. There is laughing and singing in the rain. There are mud fights and tent making. There is tickling and playing. There is learning and loving. There is me and though I will not be perfect I will ask the Father to help me as best as I can to show you His ways.

Dear Child, I will wait patiently for the day you are here. Come soon.
 God, take care of my child’s mother wherever she may be. Lord hold her near and show her your light. Lord, if you can let her keep her babe but if not bring him to me.


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