a dissipated Hurricane

 I was and am incredibly sensitive. Hurt for me had been a familiar face. I hung onto offence. I buried hurt in my heart till it festered with anger and resentment. I did it over and over with small little fights till it stormed up and created a hurricane in my heart.

  The hurricane stayed hidden till the perfect opportunity when it came out and began roaring. It battered around my life creating chaos and confusion. It slammed into my heart and into the hearts of others.

  I became the hurricane and I roared with fury. The mist was so strong I couldn’t see the perpetrator of my emotions. I didn’t see the catalyst of my nightmare. I threw my arms of rain around, drenching my world with icy cold rain. I destroyed all I could in an attempt to satisfy the hunger of my storm.

  The more I fed the storm, the bigger it grew and the deadlier too. In my wake, I left a scar across the days gone by. More was uprooted and thrown into the wind. Old wounds opened afresh and the rain threw itself in. Panic attacks flew in flight and fight. Emotions were let loose unrestrained.

However, the storm could not race forever for the Lord was transforming a broken heart.

In God’s sheltered place of quiet did the storm stay outside. God hung on tightly to my heart as I fought to get away. No storm could take me from my Father’s hand. He rescued me from the fight I had carried.

  A wind washed in and dissipated the storm. The land lay in tatters, but the heart was made strong. Now was the time for healing to begin.

  Are you ready to let go, and leave the storm? Are you ready to spend your days bathed in glorious light? It is time to take a new name, the name given to children of God. You are of the light. You have been a daughter of God through the storm and now you are His child still. 

Will you let me rule even in peace dear Child?


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