here for moment

  The comfort and peace of the Father is like none other. It floats on the wind into my soul. Its gentle whispering delights the senses of my mind. It flows down through my body washing away the chaos of yesterday. It lifts off the boulders that hold down my arms and washes the dirt off my skin.

  It is like the soft murmuring of the trees and the sweet chirp of a young bird. It lays under the sun and warms each part of my body. It soothes the cracks of my heart and wraps itself around broken bones. It lifts my feet off the ground and carries me in its arms. Oh, the arms of my Father.

  The presence of my Lord is sweeter than the most delectable dessert. I would rather feast on it for a day than on earth’s pleasures for a thousand years. It is the Holy Spirit in my soul who is the strength in my weak bones, the friend to my loneliness and the delight of my heart.

  He takes me in His arms and shows me the world. He shows me the perfection of the stars as they flicker in the sky. He shows me how He hung them one by one; each star a light shining in the dark as the light of Christ does in us.

  Would I ever want to move from this place, seated here before the Lord. If you could feel the tender joy that caresses my soul, you would too not want to let it go. The awe of my eyes as they roam over the Lord is greater than I can express. His glory is greater than I can fathom.

  There is a quiet place resting in my heart. A shelter from the ways of this world. A moment to forget about all else and remember Him. To sit in silence and let His glory be shown. No words of my own, only His alone.
Here I sit Lord, your servant, before your throne.


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