Something has changed.

  I am no longer afraid. I am not scared of tomorrow. Something has changed in my heart. Something I thought was impossible. Fear no longer rules me. A couple of months ago I thought it impossible. God has done as He promised, I am no longer a slave to fear.

  For years I stood under the shadow of fear. It lurked in the dark, unseen but not unfelt. My years have been tainted by its pull. I have suffered under its grip. I have wailed and walked through its biting breath. But no more. NO MORE!  

  I am free. I am finally free. The chains have fallen off me and I see the world. My breath has returned and my peace has awakened from its long slumber. God has given me life. I am alive. God rescued me from the storm, I am alive.

  I walk the roads among my people with the wind in my hair and heart. No longer does the presence of another unsettle me. No longer do I stand on the edge of a cliff. No longer do I hide my soul in fear.  I may have periods of anxiety again. I may have panic attacks again. But fear cannot rule me the same way. For I am a child of God.

I am free. I am indeed free.

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