stripped down

In this past season, God has stripped me down. He is taking layer after layer off me. He is washing off all the sludge that has lathered itself on my skin. He is pulling out stitches and fully cleaning wounds. He is revealing the core of me. I am being broken down to be built up stronger. The truth that I am a child of God is being deeply rooted in my veins. It is and has been branded on my heart with a blistering iron.

  He is revealing and healing bitterness. He is revealing and healing pain. He is revealing and healing fear. He is revealing and healing sin. He is revealing and healing me.

  Nothing could prepare me for the season I am going through. I have realised nightmares I had as a kid. Except in the nightmares, there was not the intense joy God has given me. He has erupted my heart with love and taken off yokes I shouldn’t have been carrying. In the disgust of suffering my God has shown himself to me. He has shown me His goodness and power. He has shown me that He can even use a time like this for His glory.

  He has given me community for loneliness. He has given me love for fear. He has given me joy for pain. He has given me hope for despair. He has given me healing for brokenness. He has given me life for death.
I don’t know if I could ever express true magnificence of what God has done. My words do no justice to the glory of our King. So all I can keep saying over and over is God is good.


One thought on “stripped down

  1. Reblogged this on History of a Heart and commented:

    He has. This is indeed what He has done for me. Now that the season is over. I see the glory of God in it as much. I feel the change in my heart. Beauty surrounds me and I am utterly content in my Lord.


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