lose my LIFE

I will, Father. I will lose my life to gain it. Allow me to lose my life for you Father.

 Take all that I am. Take all that makes me who I am. You alone will be Lord over my heart. Take my desires. Make me nothing but your Child. I want to be stripped of all that has made me who I am. When I move, it is not for me that I move but for you. Take me; take my actions, take my words, take my breath, take me, Lord. Take my life forever more and never give it back. I don’t want it. Allow me to die and let me rise with Christ again. Let me do this again and again. Let me lose my life again and again.

 You alone are Lord, as you should be. So let me worship you as I should. Take lead in my life. Please let me follow you. Guide my every heartbeat. Form each cell in my body seek after you. Let each atom praise you. Let my flesh groan, however, let my soul rejoice in you. Let the nations know of your goodness. May my lips proclaim your goodness, may no evil leave them. I die to myself. Let your name be lifted high.

 I sacrifice my want to be accepted by those I love. I sacrifice my control over the peace and torment of my mind. I sacrifice my want for comfort. I sacrifice control of the sadness, fear and panic that controls me. For you alone are God.  

You are God.

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