flat Line

Christianity is not just a hobby to me. It is not some religion I believe in. God is not just some being I pray to when I am desperate. It is my life. The gospel is the transformative, redemptive message that is constantly changing me.  I am not content to flat line, to stay stable in life. For stable would mean I would get comfortable and feel that I don’t need Jesus. My life hinges on Him. I want to jump off the bridge, my only hope for survival being His widespread arms.

I don’t know what my ten-year plan is. I don’t know what job I want to pursue. I don’t know anything other than I want to be a biblical follower of Christ. I want to stir up the silent. I want to create a ruffle in the feathers of this world. I want to live for Christ. I want to die for Christ. But dying for Him is no sacrifice as it means I go home; but to live for Him, to truly live for Him. Imagine what kind of wild adventure is that!?

I am nothing without my God. The Holy Spirit in me is what breathes life into my once dead soul.

Can you imagine what it is to be truly devoted to God?! He says go and you go. He says do and you do. You fall; you praise Him. You rise; you praise Him. How can I stay silent when this is the message of hope the gospel brings? This is a message that you and I, sinful beings, can be children of the great God?! All I ever want people to know about my life is that I am a sinner redeemed by Christ. Over and over, let that message be clear for all to see; a faithful Father to the weak and broken.

I fail; He pulls me up. I sin; He forgives me. I fear; He loves me. I hurt; He heals me. I mourn; He comforts me. I want my life’s story to highlight the goodness of Christ, not mine. He is good. The power of our living God is what changes me.

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