God restores me as He flows through my body. He brings to life lights long gone dull. When my soul is dry and cracked. His soothing hands heal and restore me. His waters, that are ever abundant, keep me alive and keep me moving. Healing rains pour down and the flood is let loose. All is washed away and I am washed into. My wells are filled to overflowing. He is a never-ending fountain of joy and love. Oh, how sweet are His waters.

He brings me to a place of complete awe. I am a pathetic mortal, but in His arms, I am far more. How can a God be so great? My gaze on Him gets distracted time after time and still, He draws me back. I fear so much and yet He still pulls me close and wraps me in His love. I am truly mortal alone. However, in Him, I am made whole.

  There is nothing out there for me greater than the life my God has for me. Nor is there any greater joy than knowing Him. He moves the moon to wash the tides over my soul so as to shine the light of the promise of Jesus Christ. Truly how great is this God?

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