my heart YEARNS


I long for Jesus. In the times of struggle, my heart yearns, even more, to be with Him. To be with Jesus, what a comfort that would be. Despite the battle, I will serve Him here on earth for as long as He requires. But God, how I want you.  Know my soul longs for the day I may gaze upon your face. Your beautiful face.

Can a day go by without your glory being seen? This world, though it may try, cannot run from you. Those in the dark fear your light. I am in reverence of you God! I cannot fathom your great power. How is it that I, a mere mortal may come before you? How is it that I, a mere mortal can become your child? Oh, what a great God you are.

You created the universe, for you are God. Yet you know me, yet you saved me. Where is the glory for man in that? There is none for we are wretches, traitors to His love. Yet He killed his bloodline so we may live. So we may live! Oh what a God is this! The great almighty He is!

You are God, yes you are God! Your kingdom reigns forever!


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