one GOD

There is only one God above all. A God that is mighty than the winds of the storms that rampage across my life and fiercer than the enemy’s mightiest roar. You are greater than the brightest star than the tallest mountain. For they are all your creation, therefore you reign over them. If we marvel at the vastness of the universe and the magnificence of its splendour; how great, how magnificent is the God that created it?
You are my Creator. You made me! You made me, you lost me and then you bought me. You bought me with blood. Oh, what life could be better for me than the one you have for me? You know the plans you have for me; plans to prosper me and not to harm me plans to give me a hope and a future. I want you. I have seen glimpses of what you have for me dear Lord, and it is breath-taking! You are my desire. Take me, I am yours!

Do you hear the shifting of the wind? Do you hear the cries of a baby? Do you hear the voice of the Father? It is far more beautiful than all the greatest sounds on this earth. It is the heart-rumbling, passion-inducing, sweet-sounding voice of God.

What I am I without you? Nothing, for I wish to be nothing without you. Kill me if you wish; that is not a hard thing for me to give over to you. However make my life uneventful, living faithfully to you, but as mortals live; I will still trust you. Take away all I am.

I give you all that I am. I give you the fierce passion I have for the hurting. I give you the love I have for people. I give you my family and my friends. I give you my future, my past and my present. I give you my voice, my beauty, my hands, my feet and my body. I give you my compass, my hope and my will. I give you my anger, my sorrow and my peace. I give you all that I am. I am nothing in your presence. Yet, I am everything.

I have always desired you from the day I became yours. You know this dear Father. So please hold me near, even for a moment.

I feel you. Your sweet embrace is around me. My heart is being held. I can feel it. A peaceful warmth radiates from my soul. I am not here. I am elsewhere. I am in your gaze.

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