“God”   Lain on the floor on a bed of blankets. Curtains thrown open to let in the spectacular sky. Twinkling star are you sun or man made bird? Rushing wind across my skin from a whirring plastic fan. Strip of yellow light let in from under the door. Deep bass beats in my ears … More glory

not us but YOU

  The stars move across the heavens not lain in idle oblivion, but in a dance, centuries old, glorifying you. May our hearts be as them. May our hearts not lay dormant. May they erupt in searing hot passion for you, Lord. May the shock waves of their boom shatter the walls around the hearts … More not us but YOU

to Kalima

God gave me you and left you in my heart. Ten years ago and now you’re my country Now I have to leave but you’ll always be home to me. Five Kwacha to Kalima, Chelston / Avondale Mr Conductor Great East road, drop me at UNZA, Then I ride my board all the way to … More to Kalima

You are God 

I am not afraid. I am not afraid. My heart is where you are. My home will be where you send me Forget this life. Forget this fear. You are God. I want nothing but you. I gave you my life and I’ll give it again. I’m nothing without you. I am whole with you. … More You are God 

Truth and Lies 

Truth and Lies. Truth and Lies. Oh how I am sick of lies. I KNOW the truth, stop trying to cover my eyes. I AM a child of God and that is where my identity lies. I am accepted in who I am and I am a Child of God

fairy boy

There was a boy with a world in his head, A world of magnificent wonder. There he lived all alone Or so was assumed by others.   There she stood, the Fairy Queen And looked at the King so sweetly. The boy he smiled and sat down To gaze upon them lovelies.   Never would … More fairy boy

Summer has come

So maybe, things will be ok. Maybe I am not sentenced to a drifting life. The heavens are opening up and glorious sunlight washes over me. Perhaps winter really is over. I could live. I can live.  Summer has come.  

i see you

Hey. I see you. I see your precious beauty. But, to see you is to also see your suffering. I know you wish I did not have to always see it. I will see it. So, I will show you mine. I bare my heart so you can bare yours. I am here. I am … More i see you

Pastor’s Kid?

I have been asked many times what it is like to be a ‘pastor’s kid’. I never really have a set answer. I don’t really remember any different. Before my father led Gospel Central Church my parents were still in leadership in the church we came from in South Africa. I don’t know what it is … More Pastor’s Kid?